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Mentoring program

“How do I get started as a speaker?”

The best way is to have a mentor! 

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is a "person who takes a personal interest in helping someone less experienced"

• Mentoring Benefits in Toastmasters:
 - New Members Quickly Gain Familiarity with the Toastmasters Program
 - New Members Quickly Learn about Club Practices

• Qualities of the Good Mentor:
 - Available to Mentee
 - Patient with Mentee
 - Sensitive towards Mentee
 - Respectful of Individual’s Uniqueness
 - Flexible in Working with Mentee
 - Self Confident
 - Friendly & Good Listener
 - Believe in Toastmaster’s credo

• Qualities of the Good Mentee:
 - Eager to Learn
 - Develops & Creates Own Insights
 - Takes Responsibility
 - Steers the Relationship
 - Shows Respect to Mentor
 - Loyal to Mentor
 - Explores Alternative Ways of Dealing with Issues
 - Is Open to New Ways of Behaving

• The Mentoring Process
 - One Step at a Time
 - Explain Parts of the Meeting
 - Explain Various TM Roles
 - Explain How Meeting Proceeds
 - Assist with Creating Icebreaker
 - Assist with Scheduling Icebreaker
 - Provide Feedback to New Member
 - Encourage Committee Participation

If you want to learn more about the Mentoring program, download the 20-minute guide to China Capital Toastmasters Club’s mentoring process .

If you are able to be a Mentor, please download and fill-in the mentor application form then send it to our VPE.
or If you want to be Mentored, please download and fill-in the mentee application form then send it to our VPE.

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